The Connection Between Domestic Violence  and Human Trafficking

Why An Earthly Embrace takes a stand against Human Trafficking

An Earthly Embrace started the Human Trafficking initiative to bring awareness to our community. Domestic violence and Human trafficking are different forms of abuse, however share some similarities. In both forms of victimization, the victim is left feeling hopeless, without an emotional outlet due to separation from friends and family or due to shame.  

Most Americans, are unaware that trafficking is happening in their neighborhoods. Our goal is to educate our community on warning signs and preventive measures in hopes of breaking the cycle of abuse. Breaking the cycle of abuse is important to the psychological, emotional and overall well-being of our community.


Human Trafficking : Recruiting, harboring transporting or obtaining a person for the purposes of forced labor.

Who are the victims of Human Trafficking?

Globally, men, women, children; boys and girls as young as 12 years old, it has been suggested as  young as 2 years old.

Traffickers frequently target the following types of people: 
 Undocumented immigrants
 Runaway and homeless youth
 Victims of trauma and abuse
 Refugees 
 Impoverished individuals 


How are Victims Impacted?

​Victims of Human Trafficking  experience physical, mental, verbal  sexual, emotional, financial and sexual abuse.  As a result victims often suffer from;





   Post-traumatic stress disorder 


   Depression & suicidal thoughts

Often during this traumatic experience and after many victims turn to drugs, alcohol, unhealthy relationships to numb the pain.