Earthly Connections 

             Annual Recognition Ceremony & Fundraiser

On Saturday October 22, 2016  An Earthly Embrace Inc. hosted Earthly Connections, our  4th Annual Recognition Ceremony & Fundraiser. Earthly Connections is a time for supporters of An Earthly Embrace Inc. to come out, support AEE's mission, meet new people and have great time! 

   An Earthly Embrace Inc. values our partners, sponsors, donors and volunteers.  We know without them we would not be to serve the community.  We take this time to highlight the works of An Earthly Embrace Inc. and our supporters.

In 2016 the 1st Founders Awards were presented to Jahi B. Davis, Davis & Davis Advisors and QueenAfi, Domestic Violence Wears Many Tags.

Certificates were presented to the following for their support in May 2015- August 2016

Alexandria Police

Kranktivity Films                                                                Nicole Divinity  Carroll                      Kiya Little

Studio Walls                                                                       Constance Gibson                             Rick Little

Qfit game                                                                           Helen Kalila Daniels                           William Little

Gourment Deli                                                                  Sherae Ellison                                     Isla Jade
Repke                                                                                 Necessity McNair                                Janice Rojas

King & Queens Cuisine                                                   David Cesar                                          J T Bowers
Davis & Davis                                                                    Yaminah Stanley                                 Mimi Liu  
Ladies with A Purpose Rock                                           Chris McCully                                       My-Nisaa Ward
Lakeisha Brown Foundation                                          Darlene Carroll                                    Victor Brown
Madam's Organ                                                                Jasmin Smith                                       Savior Ward
Town of Forest Heights                                                   Monica Alexander                              Alexandria Hall
Forest Hieghts police Department                                Jaime Cantu                                         Japreme Magnetic                   

So What Else                                                                     Jennifer Thomas                                 Susie Adams
DJ Zu- Hip Hop Unforgettable Tour                              Shangrila Johnson                              Nicole Divinity Carroll
Rezults Fitness                                                                 Vanessa Ridout                                   Christa Samiyah Lee
Domestic Violence Wears Many Tags                           Jade Ridout                                         Lisette Ruperto

Dennis Brown Shaolin Wu-Shu Training                      Denver Moore                                    Janell Nicholas                             
 World of Sanuces                                                            Monica Johnson                                 Alexis Hackett
                                                                                            Shani Little                                          Christina Love
                                                                                            Vicki Davis