I truly enjoyed bringing my mentoring group to join Raising Queens at their hygiene workshop.  I was able to share my knowledge about making natural health care products.  What a great program!!
 -Queen Kalila

Domestic Violence Is Everyone's Problem.

An Earthly Embrace Can Help

Many people talk about " giving back to the community" but most do not follow-through. My experience with the Raising Queens program certainly validated for me, the urgent need to closely guide our young ladies into a productive adulthood. These young girls have a thirst to learn and this program certainly goes outside the box and creates fun but very informative ways to teach! Cynthia Eugene has a love and passion for this program and I have no doubt she will utilize all her resources to continue to educate and nurture this young people! I look forward to supporting the program as well.  God Bless!
-L. Herrington

I There are many things that impact the lives of our young people. Raising Queens stands out as an enriching experience for the girls and women who come together. I am grateful to be a part of the fabric of these girls' lives and always walk away having learned so much my self.
-J. Nicholas